19 Great games to keep you and the little ones busy on those long road trips!

  1. Two Truths and a Fib

Each player takes a turn saying two truthful statements and one fib. The other players must decipher which statement is the fib and whoever guesses correct wins!

  1. I’m going on a picnic…

Start out by saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring..” the following player will say a word starting with the letter A. You start going around to all players and each player follows the alphabet stating a word that starts A-Z in order. On the last turn after Z, the player must try and remember all the stuff that was put into the picnic basket!

  1. Karaoke

Create an awesome road trip playlist at home, print off the lyrics to your favorite songs on the list and let the music play!

  1. Don’t Say It!

When first starting your journey, each traveler has to come up with a word that everyone can not say the whole trip. Each time a banned word is said you can enforce a penalty, adding money to the road trip snack fund or sing a silly song.

  1. Closed Mouth Singing

One person will sing a song with there mouth closed and everyone has to guess what song it is!

  1. 6 Degrees of Separation

Pick two people in the world, and try and connect them in 6 people or less.

  1. Pit Stop

When you are stopping at rest areas make a game and see who can do the most sprints, pushups or jumping jacks. This will help use up some energy in between long car rides.

  1. While you were sleeping

If someone falls asleep whisper to all the awake members of your car and try and come up with a wild story that happened while they were asleep. See how long it takes them to catch on when they wake up.

  1. Guess the flavor

Using different flavored snacks ie. Fruit snacks, jelly beans or gummy bears see if they can guess the flavor with their eyes closed!

  1. Battle of the Bands

Choose two songs of the same genre and play each one after the other, the other people in the car have to vote for their favorite song.

  1. (Un)Fortunately

Each play takes a turn by starting off “Fortunately, (good thing)” then the next player says “Unfortunately, (bad thing)”

Person 1: Fortunately, I went on a cruise.

Person 2: Unfortunately, I fell overboard and ended up on a deserted island.

Person 1: Fortunately, the beach on the island was beautiful.

Person 2: Unfortunately, the beach was covered in jellyfish.

  1. Aluminum foil art

Bring leftover aluminum foil and see who can come up with the best work of art!

  1. Tunnels

Easy but fun! See who can hold their breath the longest while going under a tunnel.

  1. Actor and Movie Association

Player one names an actor or actress, player two will name a movie that person is in and you have to go back and forth and see how long you can go for!


Person 1: Carrie Fisher

Person 2: Star Wars

Person 1: Harrison Ford

Person 2: Indiana Jones

  1. Radio Roulette

On long road trips, you will pick up a lot of different radio stations. Keep changing stations every 15 mins and see all the different genres

  1. Animal Name Game

Each person says an animal that starts with the same letter as their name (Freddie the Frog) the next person will start with all the names that were said before them while adding theirs. The first person who messes up loses.

  1. Battleship

Bring graph paper and pencils along with you and label numbers up the page and letters across the page. Draw your battleships on the paper and see who can sink the other person’s ships first.

  1. Rhyme

Pick a word and go around, everyone has to come up with a word that rhymes with it and the first person to be stumped loses.

  1. 21 Questions

Guess what the other person is thinking about in 21 questions or less!