1. Explain the Journey, before you head out to prep your kids. Let them know what to expect as far as travel time, what you will be doing along the way and where you are heading.

  2. Plan but don’t overdo it. You will want to make the most of your trip and keep everyone entertained but don’t overdo it and have the whole trip regimented. Make a list of must-do activities then another list of things to do if you have time.

  3. Keep snacks well-stocked, steer more towards healthy options and away from sugar so there are not too many sugar rushes. On that note have snacks be easy to distribute and not too messy.

  4. Optimize your stops. Take advantage of most rest areas (especially ones with playgrounds) or any cool roadside attractions. Remember it is about the journey so don’t be afraid to make unscheduled pit stops

  5. Keep the little ones mind occupied. Whether that be with books, movies or fun games having a few different options for entertainment will go a long way. Stock up at your local dollar store with new little toys and hand them out as rewards for good behavior or for winning a road trip game!

  6. Create a road trip playlist with fun songs to keep everyone occupied. If you have an inconsolable baby try tuning into the AM static on the radio, having some white noise on in the background can be just the ticket.

  7. Don’t stress, family road trips are about having fun and making memories!


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