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What is an RV?

There are eight generally accepted categories of Recreational Vehicles (RV). Traveland RV Supercentre carries six types. They are listed below with a photo and a brief description.

“RV” is a nickname for a whole family of recreational vehicles that combine transportation and living quarters for recreation, camping and travel. Some provide a simple place for sleeping and eating, while others are virtually luxury lodges on wheels – equipped with conveniences ranging from separate sleeping accommodations, complete kitchen and bathroom facilities (including showers and even bathtubs) to washer and dryer hookups, central heat and air conditioning and slide-out sections which substantially increase interior space.

RVs fall into two general categories: Towable RVs (designed to be towed or carried by a car, van, pickup truck, or sport utility vehicle) and Motorized RVs (which contain their own engine).

RV Classes

Class A Motorhome

This is the largest type of motorhome. It ranges in size from about 13,000 to 30,000 pound gross vehicle weight, from 30 to 40 feet in overall length and about 10 feet high. They are generally a box on wheels with all the comforts of home inside. They are frequently constructed on custom undercarriages or on a three to ten ton truck chassis. It is easy for the passenger to move from the passenger seat to the back of the coach. Think of a Greyhound bus.

Class B Motorhome

Class B motorhomes are smaller and easier to drive and store than Class A’s. They often look similar to a van and are often referred to as van conversions or camper vans. These motorhomes tend to sleep a smaller amount of people, and are popular for couples or single travelers!

Class C Motorhome

This is the next smaller size motorhome. They range in size from 10,000 to 12,000 pound gross vehicle weight, from 20 to 25 feet in length and about 10 feet high. They are generally constructed on a larger van chassis. Their driver compartment is similar to a van with a large box in the back. The passenger can move from the passenger seat to the back of the unit with slight difficulty getting around the engine hump.

Pickup Truck Mounted Campers

These are generally the smallest of the self powered RVs. They consist of a camper body of various sizes that load into the bed of an unmodified pickup truck. Usually the tail gate is removed and the camper unit is clamped to the truck. It is possible to remove the camper from the truck but this is usually a long task not something to do in a campground. We do not rent Pickup Truck Mounted Campers, but we do sell them!

Fifth Wheel Trailers

These units are similar to the larger travel trailers but they have an extension on the front of the box that extends over the tow vehicle and a horizontal plate that looks like a wheel that rests on the tow vehicle for support. This plate is where the 5th wheel unit gets its name. This hitch arrangement requires a special tow vehicle, usually a pickup truck with special equipment. Many say this hitch arrangement that places the load in the center of the tow vehicle instead of behind cause more stability and easier driving.

Travel Trailers

These units come in a variety of sizes from a small bedroom on wheels to the equivalent of a class A motorhome minus the engine and running gear. They are built close to the ground so the overall height is lower for the same internal height as a motorhome. They are 10 to 35 feet in length and must be pulled by a separate tow vehicle. Due to weight of all but the smallest units, the tow vehicle must have a special load distributing hitch and other special devices designed to control the sway of the trailer because the load is all behind the tow vehicle..

Pop-Up Trailers

These are the smallest of RV’s that do not have an engine. They usually have canvas sides and resemble a tent on a small flat bed trailer. They are light weight and easy to tow. Most larger automobiles can serve as tow vehicle with few modifications. We do not rent Pop-up Trailers, but we do sell them!