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Craig Pajek

Product Specialist

Born and raised on this frozen tundra known as Canada, I grew up in a rural area outside of Winnipeg MB, but have spent the past 25 years living in Calgary.
From an early age, my natural enthusiasm and passion for people, combined with a flair for communication seemed destined to lead me to a career in “person to person” selling. Over the years I’ve sold a variety of products and services, and have found these experiences to be enjoyable and fulfilling, but I would definitely say that I am most happy now selling RV's for Traveland.

I was initially introduced to this company through a friend who works here. He bragged of a "family-owned company" with awesome management that truly cares about both staff and customers. This is my 3rd year selling RVs for Traveland, and my own personal experience fully backs his claims.

As far as my own family life, I am fortunate to have a beautiful woman by my side, who is the love of my life, and two amazing daughters as well.

In my spare time, I enjoy downhill skiing in the winter, and motocross riding in the summer. Health and fitness have always been a huge priority, so I continue to follow a strict, consistent strength training program with weights. I like to keep busy, and always have several projects "on the go" at home. Things such as woodworking or home renovations. I've even torn down my 2-stroke race motorcycle and completed a full rebuild of every single part, piece, and component from the frame up. Very challenging, but very rewarding as well!

So far, I've enjoyed camping in MB, BC, and AB, but my future dream would be to hit the road with a small 20 ft travel trailer, head south, and just keep driving! Who knows where I would end up? Mexico, Central, or maybe even South America! I love the Spanish language, and I understand and speak enough to get by. This is definitely a trip for my "bucket list".

In the meantime, I look forward to meeting lots of great people, providing the very best customer experience and service, and helping you all to fulfill your own RV dreams.