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Eric Button

Product Specialist

I grew up on the East Coast of Newfoundland in Trinity Bay. My first job was as a deckhand on a fishing boat, and I had dreams of being a fishing boat captain when I grew up. After meeting my wife and having our 5 kids, I wanted them to experience the outdoors and camp as much as possible and began to learn about the RV industry. Ghost Lake in BC has been our favorite camping spot so far, and a Class A motorhome is the perfect RV for me because I have to do the setup and take down myself, and a Class A is extremely luxurious and user-friendly.

My hobbies include building cars and fishing, and I also enjoy food! My favorite strange food combination is balsamic vinegar on watermelon and strawberries, and if I were a potato I would want to be pan-seared in E-La-Won extra virgin olive oil with fresh rosemary and finely diced shallots, then lightly seasoned with 9 times roasted bamboo sea salt and freshly cracked Kampot black peppercorns imported from Cambodia, served with a grilled bluefin tuna steak and finished with a red wine demi-glaze reduction. Yum!