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Jaye Agar

Product Specialist

 I grew up in Kelowna BC, and camping was a big part of my childhood. My grandpa and I would take his orange GMC dually and matching orange camper up to a lake, where we would fish from his orange boat. My other Grandpa was a hunter and a trapper, and when we weren’t at the hunting cabin we were out in his Winnebago Motorhome exploring the bush!

Now I am married with two small sons, a dog, and three cats. Burnstick lake is our favorite campground. My wife and I took our 1-year-old there for his first camping trip, and even though we spent most of the timekeeping rocks and sticks out of his mouth, while also trying to keep him from wandering off too far into the woods, we had a lot of fun. I would love to explore Australia with my family in a motorhome one day, from the outback to the big cities! In my free time, I like to spend time with the kids.

Covid pushed me to make the change from the fitness industry to the RV industry. It was the best career move I have ever made! I love talking to people who enjoy the outdoors, and it is so rewarding helping people get into their dream RV and seeing the excitement on their faces come pick-up day. My favorites are the retired couples who have been waiting years for their next big adventure, and the young couples who are planning to raise their kids with an understanding of nature.

I wish everyone could be closer to nature and farther from devices, I am a huge people person and I would be more than happy to help anyone find their perfect RV, and their next adventure.