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Lucas Churchill

Product Specialist

I grew up in Brockville, Ontario, and got to experience lots of RV adventures from a young age. Those trips were some of the best times of my childhood, and I love to help my customers create similar memories. I am very passionate about RVing and I love connecting with people and helping them find the perfect RV for their adventures.

I married my wife in 2016, we have two amazing daughters together and one dog. I usually spend my days off with my family, my daughters love to visit the Zoo, and we camp and hike as much as we can in the summer. I enjoy anything that gets me outside, including fishing, playing hockey, or skiing.

The perfect RV for me would be an Airstream. I love their amenities and comforts, they are the perfect size for my family, and the windows make you feel like you’re outside even when you’re inside! I would love to camp in the Yukon, I think it is a beautiful area with lots of outdoor activities.

I wish everyone could find what makes them happy, and if that happens to be a new RV, I hope to see you in the dealership soon!