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Jorden Buchan

Sales Manager

I was born in Hinton Alberta, moved to Penticton, BC, and then to Langley when I was 6 years old. I grew up and lived in Langley until I moved to Grande Prairie in January 2022. As a kid, I wanted to be a Paleontologist, but with my Mom having worked in the RV industry for many years I grew up being exposed to all sorts of different RVs. I got to witness firsthand how excited customers were when they picked up their new RV’s and I was excited to join Traveland one day. I started in the Parts department in 2016, and after two years I moved to the sales floor and shortly after into the Internet Sales Department, where I started doing videos for the company.

Personally, my favorite spot to camp would be in the Okanagan, but I would love to travel the California Coast inside an Airstream one day.

2022 began with me packing up all my stuff, including my two cats, and moving to Grande Prairie to be Sales Manager. I love helping people find the perfect RV for their family and continuing to grow Travelands' relationship with our customers for years to come.