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Cam Scouten

General Sales Manager

As a sales manager I am very passionate about my team and the people here, and I do my best to live and promote the RV lifestyle even outside of work by camping, snowboarding, dirt biking, boating, or 4x4ing in my Jeep. I have been married to my wife for 21 years, and we have two wonderful sons together, as well as two English Mastiffs who love to come adventuring with us.

I grew up in Cloverdale BC, and my first job was working at Pizza Hut. One day I walked into Traveland, and walked out with a job. 22 years later I love helping my customers create success, and helping families’ dreams come true through RV’ing.  My wish is that everyone could experience the fun and laughter of a great camping trips with friends and family.  

I own a Truck Camper and I love the portability of it. The best camping food I make is my macaroni stuffed jalapenos wrapped in Italian sausage, then wrapped in bacon. Yum! My go-to camping spot in BC would be Chipmunk or Davis, but I think it would be incredible to get the opportunity to camp in Mexico. 

If you have an RV dream, I, and the rest of my team at Traveland, want to make it a reality for you! I look forward to helping you in the future.