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Jordan Brock 

Product Specialist

Growing up in Surrey, BC I looked forward to every summer because it meant lots of camping! Both of my parents are teachers, so each summer we would pack as many camping trips into the two months as we could.  

Today my family includes my amazing wife, our young son, our 14lbs chihuahua wiener dog, and our 175lbs English mastiff. When I am not working to find you your dream RV, I am likely out exploring with my son and wife, or helping her out around the house. My hobbies include beer league baseball, hiking, boating, and water sports in the summer!

Camping with my family is one of my favorite things to do, our tent trailer is the perfect RV for us. It is light enough that I do not need a truck to tow it and small enough that it is super easy to store and tow, while still being spacious to camp in once we have arrived and put it up. I have a long list of amazing places I have camped before, but the edge of Atlin Lake in BC with its natural hot springs is definitely close to the top of that list.  

The memories I made in my youth camping with my family, and the new memories I create on each camping trip with my wife and son, are memories I will cherish forever. I have been in RV sales since 2013 and I will never get tired of helping families find their dream RV and get safely on the road, on their way to experience camping with loved ones the same way I have!