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Kyle Hadwin

Sales Manager

As a kid I moved around a lot, giving me lots of experience in all the different areas of BC.  I was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta then my family moved to Nanaimo, BC. After a short time on the Island we headed for Abbotsford, BC. After another brief period we went back to the island and I spent my glory years of school in Victoria BC. As a teen my family made its last move back into our old neighborhood in Abbotsford, where I have lived since 2001.  With two hard working parents and all of this moving around we never got a chance to go camping as a family but I definitely have had some great experiences camping with friends. My favorite memory will always be jumping on my bike as a kid with all the other kids at Sunnyside campground in Cultus Lake and riding down to the candy store!

When I was a kid I wanted to be a Master Lego Builder. Lego was my thing and it was all I wanted to do! At 12 I became the newspaper delivery boy in my local neighborhood, and as a teenager I accepted reality and settled on working towards becoming a Civil Engineer. Unfortunately my university career was short lived due to health issues. My love for the outdoors and my health took me off my path to becoming an engineer and brought me into Traveland in December of 2012. I worked in the parts department until 2014, and then sales until 2017. I have been a sales Manager for Traveland ever since then, spending the first couple of years at our Airdrie, AB location and then in Langley since 2019.

Traveland gives me the opportunity to help bring families together to enjoy what our beautiful country has to offer, and even helped me to meet my wife! Her and I met 5 years ago on a work trip, and got married in November 2021.  Our furmily includes Murphy our golden retriever and Sammy, our rescue cat.

Outside of Traveland I snowboard and golf, depending on the season, as well as explore the backcountry of BC in my truck. My dream is to camp somewhere I can stare at the Northern Lights.

I love to meet every new face so come on down and say hi!