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Markus Hjelte

Markus Hjelte

Product Specialist


I was born and raised in the city of Saskatoon, so RVing was not something I did while I was young. It was not until Grade 8 that my family finally went RVing for the first time! That memory of camping with my friends and family at different lakes in Saskatchewan is still one of my favorites.

I spend my time outside of work with my family or catching up on errands. I also love playing basketball or any kind of racket sport. My dream RV would be a Class C motorhome. They are the perfect size for my girlfriend and I to go camping in, and I love the ability to easily move camp whenever we please. If I didn’t spend most of my time every camping season selling RV’s, I would definitely own one! 

I love meeting people and making new friends, and that is the best part about my job! I enjoy meeting people every day who have a similar passion for the outdoors as I do. I have been selling RV’s since 2018, and I still get so excited about helping customers get into the RV lifestyle. I wish everyone could live life to the fullest, and I believe that an RV can help people achieve that.