Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet - Traveland RV

The question most parents get to hear on a road trip… “Are we there yet?”
Here are a few travel road trip games to pass the time!

  • I SPY

    A classic, I SPY can keep kids entertained for quite some time. With things passing by quickly on a road trip it’s fun to put a new spin on it. Start with the letter A and say “I spy with my little eye something that starts with A” and whoever spots something that starts with the letter A gets to go next 😀

  • What or Who am I?

    This one will have everyone in the car thinking! One person thinks of a person, place, animal, or object.  Everyone in the car takes turns in asking questions in order to guess what the person is thinking. Eg. How many legs does it have? Can it fly? The person who guesses correctly is the person who thinks of the next thing for the others to guess. 🤔

  • Sing-a-long

    We have made a playlist in Spotify for you to play in the car or around the campfire! Click here to sing-a-long with the whole family! 🎶🎤