Nature Scavenger Hunt Using all 5 Senses

There is so much to see and do in nature on your RV adventures, this scavenger hunt will encourage your kids to get out in nature and use their 5 senses to find the treasure on their hunt.  See if your kids can check everything off the…
ABC Scavenger Hunt

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Make this letter wheel out of a paper plate and then walk around the campground (or neighborhood) looking for letters on signs, license plates, or anything that starts with the letter. Whenever you find one of the letters or items fold down…
I Spy travel game | Traveland RV

I Spy travel game

Here is a fun and easy game to play with the kids on your next RVing road trip to avoid the "Are we there yet" question. Simply click the picture to download the game sheets.
RV Travel Alphabet game

RVing Road Trip Travel Game - Alphabet Game

Keep your kids (and yourself) entertained and occupied during your RVing road trips with this Alphabet travel game! The objective is to find words outside the vehicle and NOT on any other vehicle that begin with the letters of the alphabet,…