The Best Reasons to go Camping!

The Best Reasons to go CAMPING!


  1. Let’s you escape the hectic every day life – Camping is different than most vacations, when camping you can literally do nothing for an entire weekend.  You can prepare all your meals before leaving home so even meal prep is easy.  You don’t have to do all that running around that you seem to have to do every weekend.  You could even turn off your electronic devises and be completely removed from that hectic every day life.
  2. Enjoy the fresh air – Spending time outdoors, in the fresh air, you take in more oxygen.  Just pay attention to that feeling you get when you take a deep breath of that fresh air.  That feeling of happiness is because of the breath of fresh air, it releases serotonin!  Think of all the health benefits from breathing in more fresh air and less pollutants
  3. You’ll get a new appreciation of Mother Nature – From the majestic mountains to the ocean, lakes & rivers you can have your pick of what to do.  Hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking are only a few of the activities that you can do outdoors.  No experience will be the same, even if you’ve been to that campgound before, it’s always a new experience.  To top it off… When was the last time you looked up at the night sky and saw the endless stars and if your lucky the Northern Lights!  Get a constellation map and you`ll be up for hours!
  4. A great night sleep – After your day of fresh air and your night of star gazing you’ll have the best sleep!  Tucked away in your comfy RV, leave a window open to continue breating that fresh air, you will hear the crickets, frogs and, well, pretty much nothing and just let yourself drift away.  No traffic, sirens or horns, just the comforting smells & sounds of nature.
  5. Quality time with family & friends – Keep the electronic games and devices to a bare minimum.  Play a board game, cards or sit around the campfire and talk.  You’ll be surprised at how much you laugh.  An old fashioned story time (ghost stories depending on your camping group) is a ton of fun, especially when everyone joins in!
  6. You can take your ENTIRE family! – Camping is a dog friendly, cat friendly, most pet’s that live with you can go camping (of course there are some exceptions)! Here is a blog post that we wrote to give you tips on camping with your dog, stay tuned for a blog post on camping with your cat.
  7. Exercise – When camping you spend more time doing physical activities.  Even on a fishing trip your burning more calories than sitting at your desk at work or on your couch at home. You also have more energy to DO more activities, which of course makes you extra hungry to eat all that good camping food 🙂
  8. Camping is affordable – When it comes to budgeting for your family vacation, camping wins hands down!  You can go on several trips throughout the camping season(s) for cheaper than taking your family on a trip where you need to fly, stay in a hotel, eat out & paying for the tourists activities.