Campfire Paper Bag Bacon & Eggs

2 strips of fatty bacon
1 egg
Salt & pepper, hot sauce and/or Ketchup
You will need;
1 paper lunch bag
1 green pointy stick
  1. Cut both bacon strips in half, giving you 4 pieces. Line the bottom of the paper lunch bag with the bacon to make a nice, fatty bacon nest for the egg.
  2. Crack an egg into the nest.
  3. Fold the top of the paper bag down carefully, 2 times, and poke a hole through the thick part with the stick.
  4. Carefully hold the bag over the fire so the bacon cooks slowly and the fat melts. This makes an oily paper & bacon “skillet” for the egg.  Take care & keep cooking it until the egg is done.
  5. Eat it out of the bag… Put it on a plate!  If you put it on your knee it will be hot and greasy and will ruin your pants!
  6. Serve with salt & pepper and your choice of ketchup and/or hot sauce.
Add a handful of frozen hash browns or finely chopped cooked potatoes over the bacon but under the egg.