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    • Are you reluctant to return to the confined space of an airplane after practicing the safety of social distancing for so long? Opt for RV travel instead.

    • Were you planning a cruise? Take an RV vacation instead! This is a great alternative as you will not be confined to a small enclosed space with thousands of others.

    • Is the thought of traveling abroad to foreign countries a concern for you?  RV travel is the answer!

    • Traveling in an RV allows you to prepare your own meals, or support local restaurants by ordering out, and consuming them in your own space or outdoors.

    • You can camp out in the backcountry where you don’t have to interact with others, touch hard surfaces like water faucets and electrical hookups.

    • Sleep in your own bed every night and use your own bathroom.

    • RVing allows you to do outdoor activities where crowds are nonexistent like hiking, biking, fishing, geocaching, photography, off-roading, rockhounding, exploring back roads, kayaking, etc.

    • You know when the interior of your RV was last cleaned/sanitized and by who (you)!

    Camp this summer - pay this fall - Traveland rv