Mini Donuts! Camping style

Miniature donuts aren’t just for carnivals anymore, the entire family is going to love this surprisingly simple camping snack.

What you’ll need

Cast iron pan

Vegetable oil

Cinnamon sugar

Biscuit dough (ex, Pillsbury Biscuit dough)

Place your pan on a grate over your campfire and fill it 1/3 full with vegetable oil.

Once oil is simmering, test by placing a small chunk of dough into the oil. If it sinks the oil is not hot enough, if it begins to brown you are ready!

Form your dough. You can choose to do a traditional donut shape by simply poking a hole through the center of the dough, or experiment with other ideas.

Once one side is browned, carefully flip your donuts and cook until brown on both sides.

Remove from oil, use a paper towel lined plate to soak up excess oil.

Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, and enjoy!

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