Spending your Thanksgiving holiday RVing shouldn’t mean sacrificing a delicious Thanksgiving feast. With a little creativity you can easily cook a mouth watering turkey right in your RV kitchen!

There are several different methods you can try to cook a turkey from your campsite, but a meat thermometer should always be used to ensure the meat is fully cooked. The internal temperature of the bird should be at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


You can use the oven in your RV to cook a turkey, however you should use a cooking stone to ensure even heat distribution, and a disposable aluminum pan to cook your turkey in. Always allow 20-30 minutes for your oven to get up to temperature, and don’t forget to measure the internal dimensions of the oven before purchasing your turkey to ensure the bird can fit inside, and avoid buying a frozen turkey to shorten your cooking process.

You can also use a convection oven, or a Dutch oven heated by a campfire.


A air fryer or a deep fryer can also cook a delicious turkey.

Deep frying your turkey results in delicious moist white meat, flavorful dark meat and crispy skin, but if you are camping with kids or pets it can be dangerous and must be done carefully. Peanut oil works best, but you can also use vegetable oil.

Using an air fryer removes the use of oil, making it a healthier option than deep frying that tastes just as good. There is no need to brine your turkey before using an air fryer as this could result in an overly salty turkey.

Electric or Propane Roaster

Electric roasters are inexpensive, cook a turkey faster than a traditional oven, and allow the user to set it and forget it. Using an electric or propane roaster leaves your RV oven open to cook other appetizers.

It can be difficult to achieve the browned, classic crispy turkey skin using this method, but you can use browning sauce to easily achieve the look. Adding a can of chicken stock into the roasting pan results in a nice juicy turkey, and lots of drippings to make gravy with.

Pressure Cooker

If you have a turkey small enough, or a pot big enough, a pressure cooker is another easy method to cook turkey. To keep it moist allow a natural release for 10 minutes before letting out the remaining pressure, and then allow the bird to sit for 25 minutes.


If you have a grill large enough to allow you to close its lid over the turkey, a grilled turkey has an irresistible smokey flavor.

Place your turkey in a disposable roasting pan to make clean up extra easy.