Elevate this camping staple into a gourmet meal. The possibilities are endless with these delicious hot dog combinations. Here are some of our absolute favorites!

The Orignal Dog

Sauerkraut + Mustard + Green Relish

Buffalo Dog

Franks Hot Sauce mixed with mayo + crumbled blue cheese + sliced green onion

Banh Mi Dog

Sriracha mixed with mayo + sliced cucumber + shredded carrot + mint leaves

Elote Dog

Ancho chili powder mixed with mayo and lime juice + grilled corn + cotija cheese + cilantro

Tex Mex Dog

Pico de gallo + smashed avocado + romaine lettuce + shredded cheddar cheese

Cuban Dog

Sliced deli ham + pickles + swiss cheese + spicy mustard

Nacho Dog

Pickled red onion + shredded cheddar cheese + jalapeno potato chips + salsa

Tropical Dog

Grilled pineapple + Teriyaki sauce mixed with mayo + mango salsa + red onion

Pizza Dog

Marinara sauce + mozzarella cheese + fresh basil

Reuben Dog

Sauerkraut + Thousand Island Dressing + swiss cheese