When we are on our RVing adventures it’s great to take picture memories that will last a lifetime and ones we can share! We live in a digital world where we can snap a picture instantly, but sometimes they don’t turn out. Here are some tips on taking GREAT cell phone pictures, the first time!


-Use the rule of thirds

Turn on your phone’s gridlines to balance and divide your photos. Go to your phone’s camera settings and switch the Grid option on.

-Find your focus

To get your camera to focus on your desired subject open the camera app and tap the screen where you want the view to sharpen.

-Use unique and unexpected perspectives

Try taking photos from different angles which will create interesting depths of illusions. Snapping a shot looking directly up or down can make a scenic photo more memorable.

-Play with reflections

Find a puddle, lake, stream, ocean, mirror or window and try and find an opportunity to use a reflection for an awesome photo

-Take as many shots as you can

Always try and get multiple shots of the same subject if possible. That way you can look through all the pictures once you are done and keep your favorites.

-Avoid Using Zoom

If you zoom using your camera phone the image can turn out pixelated and blurry. It is best to either try and get closer to your subject (unless it is a wild animal be sure to keep your distance) You can always crop the photo to zero in on your subject.

-Try using HDR mode

In your camera settings turn on the HDR mode which blends the best parts of three separate exposures into a single photo.

-Use the Natural Light

Whenever possible use natural light when taking pictures, play around with shadows or capture the different colors of a sunset. Try and avoid using flash as much as possible at night as it can look invasive and uneven.

-Clean your Lens

Bring along a clean camera handkerchief to clean your lens of fingerprints or debris. It’s hard to tell if your lens needs a good cleaning until editing your finished photos.

-The Perfect Selfie

When taking a selfie try and angle the camera high and look up towards it while also extending your head away from your neck. Avoid shadows and move around to find your best lighting.