The All-new Nest by Airstream Is Here!

It started with an entrepreneur. Robert Johans saw an opportunity to do something exciting with fiberglass. He had a concept, and a design styled by expert automotive designer Bryan Thompson. He had the prototypes. And he had ten years of experience renovating fiberglass travel trailers.

All he needed was a partner.

For Robert, teaming up with Airstream was a natural fit. He saw the iconic industry leader as a curator of good design, with the means to make his concept a reality. Airstream saw an opportunity to work with an innovative designer and introduce a new audience to the independence and excitement made possible by a travel trailer. For months, Robert worked with Airstream engineers, fine-tuning his design.
Airstream Nest


On April 12, 2018 the world got to see firsthand the results, when Airstream officially presented the Nest.

Nest is Airstream’s first foray beyond aluminum since the early 1950s. Back then, fiberglass was a relatively new material, and Airstream founder Wally Byam toyed with using it to build a travel trailer. While his experiment never stretched beyond the prototype phase, Nest is poised to take flight.

Aerodynamic, sophisticated, and distinctly modern, the 16-foot Nest perfectly balances Airstream’s dedication to endless adventure and expert craftsmanship. It’s a far cry from the fiberglass travel trailers of yesteryear, made specifically for those who value both contemporary design and time spent outdoors.

Step through Nest’s rear-entry door and you’ll immediately see why it’s different than anything produced today. The nearly panoramic view blurs the line between interior and exterior. Six windows up front, plus a skylight and an innovative vertical window in the doorway, fill the interior with light. Whether you’re preparing breakfast in the full-featured galley, reading a book after lunch, or settling down for the night, Nest gives you a breathtaking view of the world outside.

Form and function are the hallmarks of modern design and the cornerstones upon which Nest was built. Premium fixtures, plush Tuft & Needle bedding, and simple, stylish window treatments anchor the sleek, minimalist interior. Creative, efficient use of space means every bit of Nest is utilized to give you ample room to relax, cook, sleep, and store your gear. And, you’ll be able to choose from two interior floor plans to customize Nest for your particular needs.

Since 1931, Airstream has manufactured travel trailers that are recognized the world over. Our products embody a tradition of innovation, artistry, wanderlust and imagination. Simple, modern, and ready to place the wide world at your doorstep, Nest is a contemporary and compact travel trailer that channels decades of Airstream quality into a new dimension of design.

We can’t wait to introduce you to the newest member of the Airstream family.

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The all-new Nest by Airstream offers a modern twist on our iconic silver-bullet travel trailers. Its fiberglass body and bold automotive styling will speak to anyone who loves contemporary design. And its light and airy interior décor brings in the beauty of the great outdoors. If you’ve been looking for something different, you’ll want to look into Nest.

Choose your floor plan

The Nest Travel Trailer is available in two floor plans, both packed with lots of great amenities. The main difference? The sleeping and dining areas. Choose a fixed bed or a U-shaped dinette that easily converts into a bed. Either way, you get a well-equipped kitchen, a full onboard restroom, and tons of smart storage.

Airstream Nest Floorplans

In 1929, Wally Byam built the world’s first Airstream trailer. It started out as a tent contraption that he built on a Model T chassis, but it wasn’t a lot of fun in the rain (and Wally’s first wife Marion wasn’t a fan). So he replaced the tent with a teardrop-shaped permanent shelter – and added a stove and ice chest, too. It was easy to tow and caught the eye of other travelers, so much so that enough people asked Wally about it for him to decide it might be “a pretty good business to get into.” Good thing he did!

Every great legacy starts somewhere, and for Airstream it was the Torpedo Car Cruiser. The Torpedo was the first factory-produced Airstream model, and by early 1932 there were over a thousand Torpedoes on the road. Soon it was joined by the Silver Bullet and Silver Cloud, but the Torpedo was the forerunner of every Airstream trailer that you see on the road and off it today.

When Wally Byam opened the first Airstream factory in California, there were fewer than 50 trailer manufacturers registered for business. In the next five years, demand for the trailer lifestyle exploded and the industry followed suit – by 1937, there were around 400 manufacturers competing for customers. Unfortunately for many of those daring entrepreneurs, the Great Depression and World War II took a toll, and today, only Airstream remains.

Airstream Nest

This is definitely something new. With its fiberglass body and automotive styling, the new Nest by Airstream doesn’t look like anything we’ve made before. But it has the same soul as our iconic aluminum travel trailers – the same careful craftsmanship, and the same spirit of wanderlust. So if you love clever, modern design as much as you love adventure, you might find yourself feeling like Nest™ was made just for you.

We love great design. But we know that means different things to different people. That’s why we decided to introduce Nest™ into our lineup. With its refreshing new shape and materials, it’s the perfect fit for anyone whose appetite for adventure is matched by their love of modern design. It offers a stunning backdrop for all your adventures, incorporating elements of nature into its interior design and color palettes. And its bold exterior makes a statement wherever you park it.

Step inside, and you’ll notice right away how bright and airy Nest feels, thanks to its soft white laminate and woven wall coverings. At the same time, it’s homey and cozy, urging you to recharge and unwind after a day spent exploring. High-end, plush fabrics add extra touches of sophistication and comfort. And everywhere you look, it’s lighthearted, modern style.

Nest is compact, lightweight, and easy to tow, so it’s the perfect sidekick for a last-minute weekend getaway. Its smart floorplans pack in a surprising amount of features and amenities. And its sleek, contemporary design elevates any trip to the next level. Ready to go? So is Nest.


Nest’s striking fiberglass shell and panoramic front windows are sure to turn heads. And its interior is equally beautiful – a bright, airy space that puts you at ease. Every surface and fabric, every line and curve is thoughtfully considered and precisely rendered to create an inspiring travel experience.

The time you spend in your Nest is bound to become one of the best parts of any trip, thanks to its impressive lineup of features. A kitchen, full bath, places to charge your phone, and technology to keep you happy. It’s all so you can have the perfect travel experience, wherever your adventures take you.

Nest’s well-equipped kitchen features a two-burner cooktop with a cover that creates extra counter space when it’s not in use, plus a microwave, a refrigerator with an icebox, and a generous stainless steel sink. The 3D Laminate galley top lends a touch of modern style. Plus, thoughtful storage and ample cabinet space keep your mealtime essentials well-organized and easily accessible.


Nest’s living space is the comfortable retreat you’re looking for. Both floorplans feature seating to enjoy a meal or get some work done, as well as room for two to sleep comfortably. The 16U floorplan features extra counter space and a U-shaped dinette that converts into a comfy bed. In the 16FB floorplan, you’ll find a fixed queen Tuft & Needle adaptive foam mattress, plus a dinette bench with a stowable table top. And in both plans, you’ll find abundant storage everywhere you look. It’s often the thoughtful little touches that make any experience special. And Nest is full of them, from the bedroom to the entryway:

Bluetooth®-controlled LED lights

USB ports and 110V outlets throughout

Blackout curtains

Tuft & Needle® adaptive foam mattress (16FB only)

Coat and key hooks

Custom Nest Entry mat

And more!


Take a look for yourself here!