📷 – Flamingo Toes

This is the perfect camping craft for you or your kids! Not only will it send them out exploring outside, but you’ll also end up with a lovely hand stamped dish towel to decorate your RV kitchen.

What you need

– Multi surface acrylic paint

– Paintbrush


-A variety of leaves!

– Rolling pin

Start by gathering leaves from your campground. Pick a variety of sizes and shapes! Thick leaves will work best for this project.

When you are ready to begin painting, flip your leaf over so it is veiny side up and spread paint across the back.

Flip your leaf and carefully position it over your napkin, and then lay a paper towel down over the leaf to keep paint from transferring to the rolling pin, which you will then use to press your painted leaf onto the napkin.

You can use a thin paintbrush to touch up your stamps, or add a stem!