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As spring is approaching and we’re all itching to get out to our favorite camping spots, take some time to do some RV spring cleaning before your first trip!

What is better than stepping into a clean RV on the first camping trip of the year? We think, nothing! This is the perfect time to give your RV some TLC with some RV spring cleaning before you and your family head out on the first camping trip of the year. Follow these tips and you’ll be left with a clean and fresh RV that everyone will be excited to spend time in!

First and foremost, and if the weather permits, open up all of the windows in your RV to let some delicious fresh air circulate while you clean! Here are some more tips on how to keep your RV smelling fresh and clean.

Starting in the bedroom, strip and wash all bedding and rotate/flip the mattress. Vacuum the top of the mattress and around the bed area. Hang all pillows and blankets outside for a few hours to freshen them up and get rid of that stale feel and smell.

Dust, wipe, and vacuum all of the living and sleeping areas to get rid of dust and dirt that has built up in storage.

Clean and wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen. A great tip for cleaning an oven range is to scrub it with a water and baking soda paste. This method also works for cleaning the inside of an oven.

Remove old pantry items to make space and reduce the possibility of critters.

Clean the bathroom the same you would at home, but try to stay away from products containing bleach as it can degrade your sealant, possibly leading to leaks.

Remove and wipe down vent covers.

Inventory your first aid kit and get rid of anything that has expired. Check out our blog on making an RV first aid kit.

Now that the inside of your RV is sparkling clean and freshened up, it’s time for a quick tune up! There is nothing worse than arriving at a campsite and setting up your RV only to find that something is not working. Testing your RVs systems before you head out is a quick and easy way to ensure everything works properly.

1. Test-Run Systems

  • Turn on and run water and water heater
  • Test electrical outlets
  • Start the furnace
  • Run the generator
  • Turn the fridge on and test the temperature
  • Test awning(s) and slides
  • Turn on all interior and exterior lights and pack extra bulbs
  • Change the batteries in the fire and carbon monoxide detectors

2. Complete Repairs

Do a full 360° check of your RV (even the roof) to spot any damages, cracks, etc. Repair anything you find to reduce the risk of leaks and bugs.

3. Fill Tanks & Tires

Fill the water, gas, and propane tanks a few days before you leave. Make sure to fill your RVs tires after taking it out from storage as the air pressure will have most likely depleted from sitting for a few months.

RV spring cleaning is a great way to get your RV ready for the first camping trip of the year. Plus, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon!