Playing card games with your family or friends is a fantastic way to pass time while camping. If you have never played spoons, you are missing out! Read on to learn how you can play this fun, fast paced game.

Spoons can be played with any group larger than three people, and all you need is a deck of cards and some spoons.

If you are playing with six people, you want to put out five spoons. There should always be one less spoon than the number of people playing. If you have a group larger than seven or eight you may need to play with two decks of cards.

Everyone should sit in a circle, either around a table or sitting on the ground, with the spoons placed in the middle of all the players.

Whoever is chosen to be the Dealer should deal each player four cards, and keep the remaining cards in a draw pile on their right side.

The goal of the game is to collect four cards with the same number, or four of a kind. As the dealer starts the game by picking up a card from the deck to their right, they also need to discard a card to their left so they never have more than four cards at a time.

Play continues around the circle with players picking up a card from their right side and discarding it to their left, and the person beside them picking up that card and repeating the action. As soon as somebody gets four of a kind in their hand, they must grab a spoon!

Once the first spoon is grabbed all the other players must scramble to grab a remaining spoon, until the slowest player is left without one. Whoever does not get a spoon earns a letter to the word SPOONS, and players are out of the game once they have spelled the entire word.

There are many ways to add variation to a game of Spoons.

To make it a shorter game you can remove the letter system, and the person who doesn’t get a spoon is immediately out of the game. For a wilder game you can place the spoons across the room instead of the middle of the table, making people stand up and run for it.

You can also leave Jokers in the deck and use them as wildcards, or use plastic spoons when playing with little kids. Outside with no spoons? No problem, just play using sticks, rocks or coins!

Pick up and discard cards as quickly as you can, do not wait until the first card gets all the way around the table. This keeps the game moving fast and makes playing even more fun.

Switch dealers every round, and if the dealer runs out of cards from the original pile they can start picking up cards the person to their right has been discarding.

Strategies could include slowly sneaking a spoon after getting four of a kind, and watching to see how long it takes everyone to scramble. You can also fake out your opponents by pretending to reach out to grab a spoon, because if another player who does not have four of a kind touches a spoon they automatically end the round and earn a letter.