Road Trip Game – Counting Cows

It’s the official start to the camping season, the May long weekend! Here is a fun travel game that will avoid the “are we there yet” question. It’s fun for the whole family!

Counting Cows

Here’s how to play:
Each person counts the cows they see and mark it down on a piece of paper, they get extra points for other animals/objects that you designate before the game starts.  If someone sees something, ie a golf course and calls it out then everyone else looses all their points and has to start over.  The person that has the most points at the end of the trip or the designated time wins 🙂
Here is some idea for points:
  1. Cows = 1 point each
  2. Sheep or Goats (in place of cows) = 1 point each
  3. Barn = 5 points
  4. Bear = 25 points
  5. Deer = 10 points
  6. A white horse = other players lose 25 points
  7. Golf Course = everyone must start over but the person who spotted the course
Add anything that you know you will see on your road trip to make it fun, set up teams and split it up so each team can only count what’s out the window on their side of the vehicle.
Happy Camping everyone!