Are you getting ready to head south or would you like to work from your RV all year?  Here are 5 tips for working while on your RVing road trip from our friends at

Five Tips for Working in an RV

The following information is courtesy of Michelle from the finance and lifestyle blog Making Sense of Cents

For many, becoming a full-time RVer is only possible if a person can continue to work and bring in an income. While there are many ways to earn an income on the road, it is not always easy to manage life on the road and work at the same time.

Luckily, working on the road in this day and age is probably the easiest it has ever been. Access to the Internet can be found nearly everywhere, mobile phone service is abundant, and more location-independent job positions are available.

Here are five tips for working and living in an RV full time.

Have a dedicated workspace.
Focusing on your work can be a hard task when in an RV. However, having a dedicated workspace where you can work in peace and comfort will significantly help. When everything around you is constantly changing, having a space where you know you can work is important.

Work ahead.
Even though Wi-Fi and Internet access can be found nearly everywhere, there is still a chance you will come across an area with no signal or where the local attractions are too good to pass up. Plan ahead and take advantage of extra downtime to get work done in advance. Not only will it save stress and headaches, but it could also free up time for more fun down the road.

Travel slowly.
Traveling to a new place can be a lot of fun, but moving your RV from place to place may take up a whole day or even a few days. Even if you are moving to a campground that is just a few minutes away, there is still a lot of work to be done.

By taking your time and staying in each location a little longer, you can cut back on your planning, setup, and breakdown time. That time can then be used for working instead.

Create a work schedule.
Just like going to the office every day, you should create a work schedule. Having a set schedule or routine will prepare your mind for work each day and help keep you motivated.

Have fun.
You are in an RV for a reason – probably to have fun, to create wonderful memories, and to have the time of your life. You can still have fun and work on the road at the same time.