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Jay Schilling, Product Specialist at Traveland RV - West Kelowna, BC

Jay Schilling

Product Specialist

Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta I taught hockey school and had dreams of becoming a professional hockey player. I played hockey and lacrosse competitively in my youth, and I’m still a huge fan of watching the NHL and the NFL, especially if the Edmonton Oilers or the Dallas Cowboys are playing.

Most of my family lives in Alberta. I have a 24 year old son, the pride of my life, who is entering his second year of University and I am in a long term relationship with my high school sweetheart. My dog is a brindle brown boxer named Titan.

I still enjoy being active outdoors by golfing, swimming, or water skiing. I have been RVing with family and friends throughout the years, and some fellow friends in the industry helped me find TLRV Kelowna, where I have been selling RV’s since 2021. I love working with people and I really enjoy selling leisure products to customers who are happy about what they’re buying and excited to get out and use their new purchase. Personally, I am happy anywhere that has mountains in the background! The Kootenays are beautiful, especially in the Cranbrook area around Fisher Peak mountain. My wish is that everyone could live in peace, prosperity, and be healthy, and I think that camping can play a big part in making that happen.


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