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RV Mouse Shield Undercoating

mouse shield protection

When you move out of your RV… Mice move in

Diamond Kate’s® New Mouse Shield Undercoating slams the door on mouse invasion. Safely and effectively. Much of the damage caused by mice to an RV is caused by mice chewing their way not only into your mobile home but also into your RV’s wiring. Mouse Shield is a permanent non-greasy, non-sticky, abrasion-resistant coating that contains a high concentration of natural mouse repellent.

Mouse Shield Undercoating

This coating fills in the most common entry points for mice with a durable vulcanized rubber-based coating. The smell and taste of the secret ingredient repel mice, stopping them at the gateway to your RV. Mouse Shield Undercoating – working hard to protect your vacation home on wheels.

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payment link. DISCLAIMER 1* The deposit above is a 24 hours hold on the specific RV selected in this order. The RV will remain available to the public until an acceptance is completed by the consumer and dealership by way of a purchase agreement. All deposits are REFUNDABLE if you choose to not buy the RV or are unable to secure financing. If you add options to the RV and do not purchase the RV your deposit may be nonrefundable to cover the cost of such expenses. It is possible multiple people could submit deposits at the same time on the same RV. Deposits will be accepted in order of receipt. All refunds will be processed within 72 hours of notifying the dealership in writing of your intent to cancel said deposit. DISCLAIMER 2* ALL CREDIT / DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS WILL INCUR A NON-REFUNDABLE 3.4% PROCESSING FEE. All processing fees are non refundable if the transaction is cancelled in the future. Deposits must be made with VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, or DISCOVER. If you attempt to submit your deposit and it does not go through, please check with your credit card company to see if they have a restriction or hold on these type of transactions for your security.

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